The world’s only commercially-viable paper bottles made from recycled materials. It’s the sustainable packaging solution.

Inner Shell and Liner of Recyclable Bottle

Product Design

Proprietary technology combines a shell and liner to deliver a smarter packaging solution. And yes, recycled material is used wherever possible.

Stock Containers

Two formats ready to ship, vigorously tested to perform throughout the supply chain and retail environment. More shapes and sizes to come.

Custom Solutions

Explore endless possibilities. We support partners seeking custom recyclable packaging from concept to launch with design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing.

Why Us

Committed to creating a greener future, our packaging design resonates with shoppers and our service level stands out to brand owners.

Ecologic Recyclable Packaging Graphic


As makers of the world’s first paper bottle, we immersed ourselves in recycled fiber and polymers to deliver a packaging technology that aligns with business owners’ financial and sustainability goals.

Manufacturing Sustainable Packaging Bottles Graphic

Innovative Manufacturing

Want to support local US made products?  We design, test and manufacture 100% of our bottles in Manteca, California — Delivering quality at high speeds to meet your needs.

Customers Love Ecologic Recyclable Bottles Graphic

Loved By

Numbers don’t lie. Our brand partners consistently see retail distribution growth and sales lift because the eco.bottle® embodies tangible sustainability that connects with shoppers.

Our Story

她竟然忘了蛇有两根.双飞风韵犹存两个熟妇.全彩番无遮住爆乳怀孕漫画Ecologic Brands is putting recycled paper and plastic to good use while minimizing waste.


Meet our close-knit team of engineers, designers, and scientists dedicated to transforming the packaging industry.

韩国激情电影,姐姐的朋友3,长颈鹿简笔画 她竟然忘了蛇有两根.双飞风韵犹存两个熟妇.全彩番无遮住爆乳怀孕漫画


Learn about organizations that support sustainable packaging innovations like the 她竟然忘了蛇有两根.双飞风韵犹存两个熟妇.全彩番无遮住爆乳怀孕漫画eco.bottle®.


See what people are saying about Ecologic Brands and our recycled paper bottles.

韩国激情电影,姐姐的朋友3,长颈鹿简笔画Recent Partnerships


Become a champion of sustainable packaging with ready-to-fill eco.bottles® for liquid or dry products.

Order samples of an existing stock bottle, or contact Ecologic Brands to discuss a custom project.

contact us她竟然忘了蛇有两根.双飞风韵犹存两个熟妇.全彩番无遮住爆乳怀孕漫画